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Professional experience is critical to solving your case. Tim Corbett's 48 years in law enforcement matters — it matters a lot! He spent 17 years as Homicide Commander for a major Midwest metropolitan region. And his record for solving crimes is among the highest in the American Midwest. He doesn't give up. And he leads a team of men and women who are just like him — sick of the harm that violent criminals do to you and your loved ones.


Together, they put violent criminals in jail — solving the most notorious and perplexing homicides, rapes and other violent crimes in the process.  The suffering of families and individuals who are left behind is unacceptable. We can't undo the crime. But, we can get justice.


If you have an unsolved case that needs the attention of men and women who know what they're doing and never give up, get in touch with us today. Tim is a frequent guest on crime podcasts because he's frank and focused on one thing — bringing the criminals to justice. He can help you.


The growing number of difficult and unsolved crimes has a financial and workload impact on every police department in the country.  Wherever you find a department with a high solve rate, you can bet it's men and women like the Cold Case Experts who are behind their success. People like us are driven. We hate seeing criminals go free. We hate what they've done to loved ones and families who are left behind. The only satisfaction we get is when a tough case is solved and the criminal is put away for a long time. That's what it takes — a special set of motivations that people like us have.

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